Our staff team

Recruitment and selection

At Rangeford Care we have a rigorous recruitment and selection procedure, which meets the requirements of legislation, equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice. In particular we look for staff with the right skills and attitude and always check qualifications, take up written references and undertake police checks.

Requirements of the job

All Managers, Care Assistants and other staff are provided with written job descriptions identifying their responsibilities and accountabilities and are issued with a copy of Rangeford Care’s Employee Handbook. All our staff will be smartly presented, wear a Rangeford Care uniform and a name badge.

Care Assistants are aware of any activities which they should not undertake and know what is required of them in their role.

Training and development

We have a structured induction process and training programme which is designed to develop a highly skilled team. Our induction process includes shadowing an experienced Care Assistant prior to taking responsibility themselves for the provision of personal care services and working alone in your home.

Our Care Assistants receive training on all Health and Safety requirements including manual handling. Training and development requirements are reviewed annually at each Care Assistant’s appraisal.


All our Care Assistants are competent to undertake the activities for which they are employed and responsible. Newly appointed Care Assistants who do not hold a relevant care qualification are required to demonstrate their competence and register for a relevant qualification in health and social care within the first six months of employment.


All Care Assistants receive regular supervision and have their standard of practice appraised annually.

Care Assistants meet formally with their Manager to discuss their work on a regular basis. We undertake direct observation of them delivering care, at the home of clients they regularly work with. We will ask your permission beforehand if we plan to undertake an observation at your home. In addition, staff undergo a formal appraisal each year to review their performance and their on-going training and development needs.